Personalized consultations without additional effort as a bioniq partner

Become a pioneer in personalized nutrition and health with our patented personalization solution as an additional building block for your consulting concept.

Advantages for bioniq partners

  • Expand your service offering - without additional expenses.
  • Get support from bioniq experts.
  • Personal partner code for your customers.
  • Partner commission
  • Discount code for self-testing.
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Advantages for your customers

  • Evidence-based, 100% personalized nutritional supplementation.
  • All in one spoon - easy integration into daily routine.
  • Control of individual nutrient intake.
  • Consideration of interactions with diseases and medications.

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How bioniq works

We develop custom nutrient blends based on your data.

1. At home
blood test

First, your nutrient balance is analyzed by completing a blood test at home. This ensures that you get the exact nutrients that your body really needs.

2. Online

An online questionnaire ensures optimal support for your goals and takes into account your individual preferences, allergies, medications or diseases.

3. Personalized nutrients

Your personalized nutrients are made in Switzerland, exclusively created for you and delivered directly to your doorstep as a three-month supply.

4. Tracking your progress

Our nutritionists analyze your progress and readjust the formula and dosage after each blood test with the help of our bioniq system.

Our concepts

Are you already offering blood tests?

Perfect. You can have your blood analyses evaluated by the laboratory you trust. Your customers can then easily upload the blood analysis in the bioniq health profile, so that it serves as the basis for the personalized nutrients. There is no additional work for you.

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You are not offering blood tests yet?

No problem, with the bioniq blood test your customers get the test kit easily delivered to their home and can perform the test themselves.

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