We are thrilled to announce the opening of our newest bioniq franchise in Kazakhstan!  The award-winning ( Longevity Clinic located in the heart of Almaty since 2017, is owned and operated by bioniq KAZAKHSTAN CEO Valeriya Lazareva. With their renowned medical team, The Longevity Clinic is the ideal partner to bring bioniq’s world-leading personalized supplements to the Kazakh market.

At bioniq, we launched with a mission to make health accessible and actionable by leveraging our breakthrough science to become a powerful global health engine. Since our launch 4 years ago, we have entered 10+ markets, bringing personalized health to customers around the world. We are now at the stage to expedite our global growth by scaling not only through our own new offices, but also by creating strategic partnerships with leading local wellness experts and health institutions all over the globe.

Starting this year, we have successfully launched our bioniq FRANCHISE program, which allows our strategic partners in select markets to bring the ultimate bioniq experience to their markets. Through these franchise relationships, our partners can leverage their local resources and networks, while bioniq provides our partners with exclusive access to our award winning solutions and services - ranging from our proprietary platform, personalized product offering, brand support and business development strategies.

The bioniq brand is quickly becoming synonymous with improved health through innovation, as we expand across the globe.  Our first franchise partnerships are already being set up and launched, and we look forward to working with more franchise partners to continue our mission and help make health accessible and actionable to more consumers around the world.

For more information you can reach out to our otherwise stay tuned for the first announcement of new bioniq countries very soon!

For more information on the future of bespoke health solutions, visit


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