Hunger games

Do you feel hungry all the time? Unable to think about anything but food?

If you are sticking to a low-calorie diet it may cause your internal system to signal you to eat more because your body might think it’s going to starve. One of the main causes is the hormone ghrelin.

Ghrelin – is the hunger hormone. When your stomach produces it, it then sends a signal to the brain to tell you that you’re hungry. If you don’t eat, then your stomach starts producing even more of this hormone to get you to pay attention to the signals that your body is sending you.

Like everything else in your body, ghrelin production is synced with your internal clock. This is why you usually feel hungry at the usual times when you eat.

Blood sugar

Research shows that the food we eat impacts our glucose levels. When people go through dips in their blood sugar levels, they end up eating higher calorie foods because they feel a stronger hunger sensation. This is also why sometimes you feel the “post-lunch slump” – it’s the body’s response when blood sugar levels quickly rise and then crash to low levels.

Not getting enough protein

Protein can help reduce feelings of hunger, which helps consume less calories throughout the day.  It increases the production of the “satiety hormone” that reduces appetite and makes you feel full - leptin

Not getting enough sleep

Getting enough sleep is crucial for general well-being. Sleep deprivation may cause fluctuations in ghrelin levels

Not drinking enough water

Sometimes we confuse thirst for hunger. Drink a glass or two of water to see if you’re actually hungry

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