Are our prices justified? Absolutely.
  • The average blood test with the same parameters done directly at the lab is even more expensive, approximately £750+
  • You get more accurate results with a venous blood sample done by a professional nurse, rather than with a finger prick-test
  • Trained phlebotomists come to your home at a convenient time to take your sample - which means you don't have to go anywhere!
  • You receive a bespoke supplement formula that is tailored specifically to your deficiencies, with up to 53 components in one mix, something which you cannot get over the counter
  • There is no need to take 20+ pills a day since our bioniq granules/capsules make swallowing pills much easier with our all in one approach
  • Our patented granule system releases its active ingredients over a 12-hour period, which ensures optimal micronutrient absorption, unlike normal supplements
  • You receive monthly consultations from our certified nutritionist regarding your results, diet and lifestyle changes
  • Your results are always at your fingertips with the bioniq app and interactive dashboard
  • Our dedicated client managers are available 24/7 - for any assistance
How 'personalised' are our supplements? How are we different from our competitors?

Your bioniq formula is based on an extensive blood test -  from micronutrients to glucose levels and your full blood count – all parameters are crucial to the body’s function. Your bespoke formula is then created based on our evaluation of your individual nutrient and micro-element status. We target your deficiencies by providing you with your recommended daily doses of micronutrients which helps to support daily performance and efficiency. Then, every two months, we take blood samples and monitor how your metrics change and adapt your bespoke formula accordingly.

How long does it take until you really start to ‘feel’ the results? 

Everyone is unique and the experience is different for everyone. Our supplements formula is fully personalised and carefully curated to suit the needs of each individual, so it mostly depends on your results and the goals that you set. Clients report feeling the benefits anywhere from 3 weeks to 3 months after starting their bioniq course. For the best and most optimal results, we recommend clients take the vitamins and microelements consistently and try not to skip a dose. Whilst we cannot ensure that bioniq clients physically feel an improvement to their general health, you can always monitor your microelement status with our blood tests.

Why take bioniq if you can receive all your nutrition from food?

It is quite difficult to develop a well-balanced diet that would contain all the nutrients one requires on a daily basis. In addition, taking vitamins at random without understanding the adequate proportions required may be indeed useless, and sometimes even dangerous. Studies show that any vitamin and supplement intake should be considered individually. For this reason, we use phlebotomy results to create a bioniq formula tailored to the individual nutrition needs of each user.

Why should you take bioniq twice a day and why is it granulated?

The sustained release formula is absorbed over a 12-hour cycle. Taking the formula twice a day ensures there is always enough of the necessary components in your intestine, and the granules can be gradually released into your system. However, if you find it difficult to stick to twice daily doses, a single double dose is possible once a day. This method is identical to how vitamins are absorbed from natural products like food, and differs radically from how we absorb regular capsules and pills. For instance, when taking a capsule, the peak of concentration of the supplement is received over a 4-hour cycle, which then interrupts, with no further components assimilation or effect for the next 20 hours.

What is the best way of taking bioniq?

bioniq should be consumed twice a day with or after food. It can be mixed in water, juices, shakes, smoothies, yoghurt and cereal, or can be simply taken after your morning and evening meals to ensure it is absorbed effectively.

Is there anything bioniq should not be taken with?

The supplements should not be mixed with hot food or drinks, as the temperature can destroy parts of the components’ compound.

What are the possible side effects of bioniq?

One possible side effect of the bioniq granules is that it can cause bloating and/or digestion discomfort. This is a normal reaction of the intestine, as it shows that the granules are activating. This symptom should go away after 1-2 weeks, after your stomach gets used to it. Tip: to reduce digestion discomfort would be to take a reduced dosage. This means ½ of your dose in the morning and evening, then slowly increasing until the recommended dosage is reached.

In the first few weeks of intake, you are likely to experience a darker coloring of your urine (80% chance). More frequent bowel movements are also possible during the first 2 weeks on the plan (30% chance). In rare circumstances, there is a less than 1% likelihood of having an allergic or intolerant reaction to the bioniq formula, but it is no different than that of any other food products. There is also a small chance of experiencing heartburn (5% chance).
Important: Please stop using the product and contact us immediately if you experience an allergic reaction, or any type of intolerance to your formula.

Why do I have to take additional supplements if everything is supposed to be included in my bioniq formula?

Not all ingredients necessary to optimise your health and wellbeing come in the form of granules. Omega-3, for example, cannot be added, as it must be in the form of capsules to protect it from oxidation. Various other components simply do not exist in the form of granulate (for example DHEA).

Is bioniq compatible with other medications?

Yes, bioniq is compatible with all other medications as it is considered a food supplement and not medicinal. Based on the data you specify in the questionnaire, we design the formula taking into account the medications you are currently taking, and their interaction with the components of the formula.

Are bioniq granules homeopathic?

The components in the form of granulate contain dosages of vitamins and trace elements in accordance with the EU standards for supplements, and have no relation to homeopathy.

Is it safe to mix so many components in one formula?

Our formula is made using patented Swiss technology which allows you to mix up to 120 components without interfering with their interaction with each other. Large sections of the intestinal wall come into contact with the granules, resulting in complete absorption of the active ingredients.

Is it possible to build up a tolerance to bioniq?

No, micronutrients, such as vitamins and minerals, do not have such a pharmacological property as tolerance, or addiction. Your bioniq formula is reviewed and reformulated every 2 or 3 months (depending on the programme) based on your blood test, so as to ensure its continuing effectiveness.

How often should I do the blood test?

Blood tests are conducted every two or three months depending on the programme. This cycle allows the bioniq formula to be adapted to the specific state of your health at that specific moment in time.

For how long should I take bioniq?

Each bioniq LIFE formula is created for a specific time of 2 months and bioniq BALANCE - for 3 months, and the formula is re-adapted after every blood test to maintain the up to date health solution that your body needs.

Can I give my personal bioniq supplements to other people?

Each bioniq formula is uniquely created for you personally, based on your blood test results, and therefore should not be used by other people. If shared with someone else, the formula components or their dosages may cause negative effects.

What if my child accidentally consumes the bioniq product?

It is almost impossible to overdose on vitamins, or a single dose to be dangerous for your child's health; the extra components will leave the system through urine over the course of a day. However, to avoid any issues, please keep the formula out of reach of children.

Is it possible to overdose on bioniq?

No, it is not possible, assuming that blood test is performed on time. The system creates and corrects dosages based on the assumption that the blood test is done at a certain time. In case a blood test was not done for some reason, bioniq starts decreasing dosages in order to prevent overdosing.

Can women who are pregnant or breastfeeding take bioniq?

Yes, pregnant women and women who are breastfeeding are allowed to take bioniq without any cause for concern. Based on the data obtained in the questionnaire, we take into account all of the nuances of your health, and make a personalized and completely safe formula.

Can children take bioniq?

We recommend bioniq from the age of 18 and up, since deficiencies are quite rare in children. However, if the parent assumes responsibility, it is possible for children under this age to take the formula.

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