The importance of preventive health

Chronic diseases such as heart conditions, cancer and diabetes are among the leading causes of death worldwide and are linked with substantial healthcare costs. Therefore, it is important to identify and prevent these conditions before they develop into something serious.

Traditionally, preventive healthcare can be split into three levels: primary, secondary, and tertiary prevention. Primary prevention aims to identify major diseases of concern and their associated hazards in a population and reduce their likelihood. An example of this is promoting a healthy lifestyle by maintaining a balanced diet and exercising regularly or vaccination. On the other hand, secondary prevention promotes regular screening and early detection of disease, while tertiary prevention aims to improve healthcare management. More on preventive healthcare can be found here.

Keeping one’s nutrition in check is an integral part of preventive health, and bioniq’s tailored supplements can help you achieve your nutritional goals. A blood test will tell us exactly what your body is missing, and based on this, bioniq will create a personalised, Swiss-made formula tailored to your deficiencies, in the form of granules or capsules- the choice is yours.

The bioniq system has 25 clinical trials studying the impact of our microelement complexes in people. Our in-house study of 2020 showed that vitamin D (crucial for bone strength and immune system) deficiency was prevalent among our clients. Our study shows that after two months of taking their personalised formula, bioniq LIFE clients significantly increased their blood vitamin D levels, among many other micronutrients.

The toxic effects of heavy metals on the body have been studied on many occasions. Heavy metals pose numerous health hazards and are potent carcinogens. Clients taking their personalised bioniq LIFE formula showed a steady decrease in their blood lead, cobalt, and mercury levels.

In conclusion, maintaining a balanced diet and keeping your micronutrient levels at an optimum can significantly support physical health and prevent disease.

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Alexandra Bougrova
Alexandra Bougrova
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