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The Next Level of Personalised Health

Support your well-being with bespoke supplements that are clinically proven and backed by science
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Our mission is to make health accessible and actionable

By providing high-quality diagnostics and practical solutions for optimal health support, we strive to develop a clear understanding of your body, its complex relationship with your lifestyle and environment


of customers have improved their microelement status based on our comprehensive studies

BIONIQ personalised supplements

bioniq go

A unique micronutrient blend made for you based on a questionnaire

Supplements made for you with up to 34 ingredients based on a health questionnaire to support your goals

330 AED/month
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Based on questionnaire
Up to 34 ingredients
Most personalised

bioniq life

Personalised Health Support System based on a blood test

A subscription designed to help optimise your health with routine blood tests, personalised supplements with up to 53 micronutrients and nutritional guidance

1,000 AED/month
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Based on blood test and questionnaire
Up to 53 ingredients
Lifestyle consultation with a dietitian
Access to the bioniq app

A subscription-based health support system that creates tailor-made supplement formulas using patented Swiss technology aimed to target nutrient deficiencies and support optimal health. Clients can track their progress with the bioniq App while following a bespoke recommendation plan set by our clinical dietitian.

Begin your wellness journey with bioniq LIFE designed to enhance longevity and improve quality of life.

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Step 1

BIONIQ life test

A 50-parameter blood test to analyse your health status in the comfort of your home
Step 2

Interpret Your

Access your results, monitor health metrics, and review your tailor-made formula recipe on the bioniq app
Step 3

Personalised Supplement Formula

Get 3-month supply of your bespoke formula based on the results of your blood test
Step 4


Receive a new formula every 3-months with individual dosages adjusted based on your blood test

Clinically proven

Our medical team has proven the positive effects of the bioniq system on metabolism through 24 clinical studies published in international journals

Since 2012, bioniq has gained medical expertise and reliable product experience. Now, we welcome you to join the bioniq family on the path to longevity and vitality

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Trusted Partners

We have established strategic partnerships with like minded brands who believe in health optimisation and share the same mission as bioniq

Client testimonials

Wynton Faure
Private Aviation Advisor
From the initial experience of having a personal home visit from a qualified nurse for blood testing (it took 7 minutes!) to the set up of my own personal online tailored results dashboard and super quick delivery of supplements, the experience was faultless
Maria Ensabella
Founder of LondonCryo
Over the past few months I've been waking up very tired and just looking forward to when I can be back in bed. Since taking BIONIQ I am now awake as soon as the alarm goes off and ready to take on the day. Highly recommend
Juliet Barratt
Founder of
I am impressed with BIONIQ - it was efficient, professional and in line with my expectations for a premium service. This was the first solution where I could track my improvements in my personal dashboard
Bradley Simmonds
GQ UK Personal trainer
I've seen a huge difference in my energy level ever since I started taking BIONIQ, which has helped me stay focused, despite my busy lifestyle

Track your health on the go with bioniq

Subscribe and access the mobile app to check your health metrics and personal recommendations wherever and whenever
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  • Results archive
    Access information about your tests at any time — use it for yourself or share with your healthcare provider
  • Health progress
    Track how your health metrics change using infographics and easy to understand charts
  • Relevant notifications
    Set formula-intake reminders and never forget when it’s time for your retest

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