5 Summer Post-Workout Recovery Tips to Consider

The recovery process is an integral part of your fitness routine. Keeping an eye on your body after exercise is especially vital in the summer when working out becomes more challenging due to higher temperatures and humidity. In this article, we offer a few helpful tips on how to improve recovery after your summer workout! 

Don’t forget to stretch

Spend 5-10 minutes before and after your workout stretching your muscles. Before exercising, it will help your body to warm up and avoid injuries and soreness. Afterwards, stretching will help you transition into the resting state and get more oxygen delivered into the muscles. Try a foam roller massage on your legs and back to make it more effective. 

Stay hydrated

Drinking plenty of water during exercising is essential, especially during the higher temperatures in the summer. Drinking water during and after the workout will help you avoid dehydration, muscle cramping and fatigue. 

Keep your magnesium levels in check 

When you exercise regularly, it is important to regulate your magnesium levels for several reasons. Magnesium is responsible for muscle strength and flexibility, which is essential if you want to recover after exercise. Moreover, magnesium regulates stress hormones and helps the body produce serotonin, a hormone that plays a role in your mood and sleep quality. To balance your body and mind after intense physical activities, keep your magnesium levels in check and take additional supplementation if your blood test reveals a deficiency. 

Track your heart rate and take it easy 

With its high temperatures, summertime can put your heart muscle under additional pressure. Keep your heart rate on track during and after your exercise routine, and take breaks to normalise your breath. Listen to how your body reacts to humidity and heat and try to keep it indoors where the air is cool. If you notice that you are having difficulty breathing, stop your workout, rest and get some water. If you are having a hard time doing cardio training, switch to strength and flexibility exercises for the summertime. 

Normalise your sleep 

Getting enough sleep is a vital part of your post-work recovery process. When we sleep, our body produces growth hormones that promote the repair of muscle tissues. In addition, research shows a direct link between the amount of sleep and weight loss. 

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Polina Kuznetsova
Polina Kuznetsova
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