Why Should You Take a Gut Microbiome Test?

Did you know that your gut bacteria directly influence your digestion, immunity and energy levels? They say you are what you eat – because your health, in fact, starts in your gut. But how do you find out if the bacteria in your gut are healthy? This blog article explains how gut microbiome testing can help you get an insight into your gut health. 

What is the gut microbiome?

The gut Microbiome is a community of trillions of microbes that live in our gut and play a vital role in supporting our digestive health and several other bodily functions—keeping our gut microbiome healthy influences how our body fights diseases, converts nutrients into energy and synthesises metabolic hormones. 

How can “bad” bacteria overgrowth affect your health? 

Your gut microbiome balance is influenced by several external factors, like diet, medication intake, environment or chronic diseases. 

Unfortunately, if “bad” bacteria overpopulate your gut, it can disrupt the normal functioning of your digestive tract. Some bacteria may enter your gut microbiome due to leaky gut syndrome — a condition in which gaps in intensities allow harmful bacteria to circulate in the bloodstream. 

As a result, bacteria overgrowth, yeast or parasites can all affect your gut health. They may cause many unpleasant symptoms, like bloating, digestive issues, food intolerances and inflammation. In addition, some studies suggest that gut microbiome may influence the development of some metabolic diseases, such as type 2 diabetes. 

What is a gut microbiome test, and why should you get it? 

Knowing your gut microbiome status can help you get the correct treatment for your condition or customise a diet that may improve your well-being. A gut microbiome test measures levels of different microorganisms in your GI tract, including parasites, yeast and other bacteria, as well as helps diagnose leaky gut syndrome. If you experience symptoms like bloating, lack of energy, leaky stool, digestive issues, skin conditions or autoimmune diseases, getting the microbiome test may help you make sense of how your gut bacteria composition can potentially influence your health. 

At bioniq, we offer the Microbiome NGS Complete - a comprehensive molecular bacterial analysis that uses next-generation sequencing to identify bacterial imbalances, yeast infections, parasites, and leaky gut. It’s essential to prioritise your health and get regular checkups before your body feels off. 

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Polina Kuznetsova
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