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Analyse your lifestyle patterns, set ambitious goals, and improve your diet with professional advice

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Our nutritionist can help you

Lose weight
Maintain heart
and endocrine health
Boost memory
and brain function
Develop healthy
eating habits

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Personal Nutrition & Lifestyle package

Clarissa Lenherr, our certified nutritionist, will explain how your nutrition, lifestyle, and environment affect your well-being. Together, you will monitor your current habits to find better ways to achieve your long-term health goals
Step 1
After successful payment, our Client Manager will provide you with the Health Questionnaire and the Three-Day Food Diary to complete and ensure your time with Clarissa is as effective as possible
Step 2
Schedule a 60-minute one-on-one Zoom consultation, during which Clarissa will deep-dive into your health history to better understand your goals
Step 3
Within 48 hours after your initial consultation, you will receive your Personal Nutrition & Lifestyle programme developed by Clarissa. The programme will include goals, a personal meal plan, lifestyle strategies, supplement recommendations, and testing referrals (if required)
Step 4
Within four to eight weeks, you can book a follow-up to review your progress and results to make adjustments to your plan. Any follow-ups will be free of charge and will take part in your standard bioniq follow-ups
Price per package: £250
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About Clarissa Lenherr

Clarissa Lenherr is a Harley St Registered Nutritionist (mBANT) and leading workplace wellbeing consultant who specialises in digestive health, autoimmune conditions, weight management, and thyroid health. Her mission is to take the science of nutrition and convert it into easy-to-implement strategies so that her clients can achieve ultimate wellbeing

When not in her practice, Clarissa spends her time delivering keynotes and workshops for the world’s leading companies, empowering their employees with the skills, techniques and knowledge to transform and optimise their health, happiness and productivity. Clarissa has worked with over 150 companies globally, including eBay, Addison Lee Group, Universal Music, Chanel HQ, Lloyds, Coca Cola, Investec, Adobe, BT, Lululemon, and more
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